Bay Adelaide East Draft South East ADELAIDE Regional Plan October 2016

Bay Adelaide East: Making the most of our future

Here in Adelaide, we are in the midst of an exciting period of change and growth. Throughout the state, we are seeing innovative new industries emerge, the delivery of exciting urban renewal precincts, and more and more people choosing to call Adelaide home.
This growth is no more obvious than in South East Adelaide. In fact, by 2041 the population of South East Adelaide is expected to have increased by two million people.
It is imperative that we manage this growth sensibly and sustainably – this is what this draft of Bay Adelaide East is all about. The draft Bay Adelaide East seeks to promote the things that South East Adelaide residents value like a connected region, affordable housing, protecting our natural environment, and our unique lifestyle.
The draft Bay Adelaide East has been prepared with more engagement and input than ever before – from the community, from Mayors and councils, and from key stakeholders.
For the first time, the preparation of the plan was informed by extensive community consultation. We endeavoured to have a conversation with the community to ensure that the plan responds to the needs and values of South East Adelaide residents. This is a conversation that will continue on this draft plan until March 2017 with all South East Adelaide encouraged to have their say.
And we have been untiring in our efforts to secure strong input from the councils and Mayors of the region. Since reforming the Bay Adelaide East review process in August 2015 to facilitate more local government input, I have personally met with Mayors or their representatives as members of the statutory Regional Planning Committee every two months on average. The Mayors of the region have had more opportunities for input than has been the case in any previous regional planning exercise for South-East Adelaide.
To support this, my department has met with the council the staff as a group on eight separate occasions since April 2016, with multiple follow-up meetings with each council to ensure we are fully informed about the aspirations and issues in each area. On average, my department has spent at least 100 person-hours with officers of each council. The value this has brought to the draft plan is immense.
And the department has also met on multiple occasions with key stakeholders from the environment, community, and development sectors and from the key professions that shape our region.

Through this extensive engagement, we have, for the first time, a 50-year vision for the future of South East Adelaide. We are planning not just for ourselves but to ensure that future generations of Adelaide get to enjoy all the benefits of a great South East Adelaide lifestyle. One of the most important issues facing South-East Adelaide is the provision of diverse and affordable housing. The new Bay Adelaide East broadens this to include the idea of affordable living. Affordable living is about more than just the cost of a house it’s about how we interact with services and engage with our community.
We also have a strong focus on protecting our natural environment and growing in a sustainable way. South East Adelaide is fortunate to have pristine beaches and untouched bushland and we will ensure we preserve our important ecological sites.
One of the new and important features of Bay Adelaide East is a focus on unlocking land that has been identified for urban development but has so far been underutilised.
Unlocking land already within the urban footprint is critical, ensuring that there is less demand for expanding into our natural environment.
This plan sets out clear goals for the future of the South East and will ensure certainty and sustainable growth for South East Adelaide. By proactively planning for the future of our region we are ensuring that South East Adelaide will continue to be a fantastic place to live, work and raise a family. The Government has heard from the region’s Mayors – and now is the chance for all of the South East Adelaide community to have their say. I am committed to listening and responding to the views of everyone who calls our great South East Adelaide region home.

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