Moving Home Considerations

The location of your business office has a great impact on the brand identity, the work culture and in some cases, the flow of clients. As the business grows and expands, it may become necessary to move from one office location to another. Choosing the office space can be an uphill task but when the task is allocated to the right personnel, it becomes quite easy. What should you consider when choosing your next office? What should you expect with respect to opportunities and threats? What services can employment law solicitors london offer during the process?

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Reason behind the move

Why do you feel the need to move your office location? Most of the time, businesses move to larger premises upon growth and expansion of the company. In some cases however, the move may have been triggered by external factors such as insecurity, poor relations with neighbouring businesses, inaccessibility of the current premises by clients and other stakeholders. The business may also move to premises that are nearer to businesses that provide support services for the company. Whatever the reason is, you should ensure that the needs of the business are fully met in the new premises.

Cost of Moving

Moving has a number of cost. The first is the renovations that may be required to design and customise the new office space in order to meet the needs of the business. These costs should be maintained at the lowest level without compromising on the integrity of the building as well as the quality of work. The second cost is the transportation expenses for furniture, fittings, office equipment and machinery. Given that many companies offer transportation services, it is essential to carry out a detailed analysis before you choose the company that is efficient and affordable. There are also opportunity costs associated with moving your business premises such as the business that may be lost before clients identify your new premises. As a business, all these costs should be analysed and weighed against the benefits of moving. The business should only move if the benefits outweigh the costs in the long run.

Organising the move

A business needs efficient coordination in order to successfully move from one office to another. All employees should be informed about the move, be aware of their duties and when they are expected to carry out the tasks allocated to them. For effectiveness, all teams should also know who they should report to and seek clarification on any matter during the process. Remember that all teams should be assembled and brief before the official date of the move for effectiveness.

Opportunities and threats

When a business moves to a new office, there is a chance to improve on different aspects of organisational culture that may not have worked previously. It is also an opportunity to establish new processes, procedures and systems to promote effectiveness. As a brand, it is also an opportunity to improve on the brand identity and attributes through rebranding and ensuring that the office space represents the brand properly. Change in premises may also impact staff motivation positively increasing productivity in the business.

It is possible for a business to lose touch with its clients upon change of premises. There are clients who will be put off if the business moves to a location that's farther away from the client's home or office. During rebranding, the business may lose its authenticity or some of its attributes which may ultimately lead to loss of clients. On the other hand, the business may lose loyal employees or demotivate those who are left if the move is not carried out well.

Considerations for the new office space

It is up to you to ensure that the premises are accessible by road, rail or even air transport both for your employees and clients. It should also be in a secure location that does not pose a security threat to employees, clients and other businesses that may have direct links to your business. The premises should spacious for your operations and to ensure that all employees have a comfortable space to discharge their duties. It is also good to ensure that the premises comply with any safety requirements before you move.

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A change in premises can affect employees positively or negatively. This may result in issues- such as security, accessibility, changes in remuneration and ranks - and if these issues are not handled well, the business may face legal suits from its employees. Working with employment law solicitors London will ensure that you understand the possible effects of the move and prepare adequately to avoid any legal complications or suits. The solicitors will advise you on the compliance to safety regulations for employees and any other employment questions that may arise.